Liver Transplantation Explained (Photos, Reviewed Links, Info)

Reviewed Links: TOP 5 MUST HAVE

"This booklet is designed to give you the information you and your family
need to help you understand what is involved in liver transplantation. Fully explaining living, whole and split liver transplant procedures"

"A must have for the newly diagnosed of A1ATD, learn to understand, what A1ATD is, treatment, inheritance, there is tons of info"

Portal Hypertension and Its Complications (University of Pennsylvania)

"Everything you need to know about portal hypertension and it's complications, fully detailed, explaining how portal hypertension occurs and how it causes most of the life threatening compliactions of cirrhosis"

"This information has been prepared for people who are enquiring 

about the possibility of becoming a live liver donor"

Cirrhosis: A Patient’s Guide (VA Hepatitis C Resource Centers)

"This handbook gives you important information about the most serious emergencies in cirrhosis, and explains basic facts about the liver and cirrhosis. It will help you understand the causes and treatments of cirrhosis" 

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